About The God Dilemma

From the earliest days of our species’ existence we have wondered: Is there more out there? Is there life elsewhere in the sky? For that matter, is there a Creator of all of this? Someone (we tend to personify things) or Something which  is the Original Source and the Eternal Energy behind All That Is?

THE GOD DILEMMA is an ongoing deep exploration of these questions in an online roundtable discussion with Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch. The intention is to create a global dialogue that could ultimately lead to the spreading of an expanded understanding among our species of Who We Are and Why We Are Here, in a way that could help us to assist in a worldwide project to End Our Insanity.

Humanity’s Insanity can be described in this way: Every human being yearns for connection and a feeling of being loved and valued, safe and secure. Billions of humans have found that experience through their relationship with, God. Then, having welcomed that experience, you would think we would be motivated to pass the feeling of connection, love, and safety to our neighbor. But we don’t. If our neighbor is in any way different from us, we snub them, rebuff them, insult them, affront them, alienate them, and sometimes even kill them. 

Instead of passing on the love and acceptance for which we have yearned, we use what we have found in our God as our justification to disparage and actually injure those who have not found it, or who have not found it in the same place or the same way. Our way is the Right Way, we say. It is the Only Way. And since you have not the peace and love of God in the same way, you must be punished. First, by us. And then, by God himself.

This is our insanity. And this is the insanity to which hope we have to put a stop if we ever to get to a place where we, as a species, reach out potential.

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